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Every so often we come across books which contain such a wealth of information and make us wish we had read them years ago. Investment books are timeless and invaluable in this field –especially old books regarding companies that are still in business.

Often the quickest way to comprehend what has taken place within the walls of a company is to travel through the thoughts of the individuals who are employed there. Books of this nature frequently disclose the essence of a company. Furthermore, these books emphasize relatable tales about how the company came to be or characteristics of the magnetic leader. Some writers even go as far to analyze agency blemishes or verify the company is in fact the cream of the crop.

Below you will find books that in many cases can lend wisdom to the many ways a company can develop procedures and increase dividends.

Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal, by Nick Bilton
Published: 2013

What is Twitter like now? This is a book that will continually force you to ponder the answers to that question.

This book truly goes behind the painstakingly created veneer as the different leaders battled for authority and capital. Apparently, this story is so captivating, Lions Gate has selected the book to become a television series.

Many of us have heard of the how new Silicon Valley companies can be flawed however Bilton’s the depiction of the controversy and hostility that occurred at the company make it a great read!

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo, by Nicholas Carlson
Published: 2015

The question of whether the future of Yahoo was salvageable was an inquiry of many, many people once the company hired Marissa Mayer in 2012.

A few years later, Nicholas Carlson took on the task of writing a book that investigated the company’s challenges and success since hiring Mayer. Mayer’s own struggles of attempting to flourish as a CEO in the predominantly male culture of Google while forced into the limelight in Silicon Valley are also detailed in this book.

Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson
Published: 2011

The span of the book indeed makes it a lengthy read, but please do not let that dissuade you from reading. This best-seller is well worth the time. The author, Walter Isaacson met with Apple insiders as well as Steve Jobs himself in order to write this book which investigates how Apple was established, the 2 decades that almost caused the business to go bankrupt, and how Jobs returned to Apple and drove them to more noteworthy victories, including but not limited to the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Although Tim Cook has been CEO of Apple for quite some time, this book is much needed for anyone who wishes to really understand the makings of Apple.

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