Who is Jay Gotlieb?

Mr. Gotlieb has a diverse portfolio

Jay Gotlieb is a financial services professional who is a long-time permanent resident of the Bahamas. With over 33 years of professional experience, he has built up an encyclopedic knowledge of the financial security markets. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Mr. Gotlieb explored several areas of interest: film, music, and fashion, among other things. However, he found himself drawn to financial industries, and it is there that he has carved out his professional niche. In 2014, he founded Seton Securities, a boutique investment banking firm that meets an array of client financial needs with a creative approach. In addition to their investment services, they provide wealth management for their clients to insure that their capital is being put to productive use.

Jay originally studied math and sciences at University of Toronto. During a summer course in economics to balance his education, he had a chance encounter in the classroom that led to a job in the investment world. This encounter was fortuitous considering one needed to be employed by an industry member to obtain his license. Jay’s earliest professional experience came as a stockbroker on Toronto’s Bay Street, where he was exposed to the ins and outs of mining finance. Jay obtained the Canadian Securities Course, C.S.C., equivalent to the NASDAQ Series 7.  He was licensed by the O.S.C., the Ontario Securities Commissions and supervised by the Broker Dealer Association. As Jay’s Career progressed he became a Director of a public mining company.
Gotlieb has a wide range of knowledge in the stock market, from junior mine finance to senior debt finance; to all the strategies of equities, commodities, options, and array of tools used in investing. He’s invested in a variety of diverse companies, both private and public, such as industry, real estate, and technology. A recent investment of his was in Turkey fabricating nickel plated rotary screens for the printing of fabric in the textile industry.

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