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Jay Gotlieb is a financial services professional who is a long-time permanent resident of the Bahamas. With over 33 years of professional experience, he has built up an encyclopedic knowledge of the financial security markets. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Gotlieb explored several areas of interest: film, music, and fashion, among other things.


In 2014, Jay Gotlieb founded Seton Securities, a boutique investment banking firm that meets an array of client financial needs with a creative approach.

Film, TV & Print

Jay’s experience in both film and TV range from actor to producer. He cut his teeth with a minor role on the 1990 TV series The Kids in the Hall and went on to receive….


In the mid 90s, Jay with an associate developed and launched a European fashion line: Barbarossa Gotlieb, also known as Bargot and RBJG.

Jay Lance Gotlieb

More Details About Jay Gotlieb

Jay Gotlieb is as passionate about travel, sports and music as he is about his career in finance. Gotlieb is the President of Seton Securities International Ltd. and is a director and shareholder of an IT company called IntellectSpace. In 2014, he founded a boutique investment banking firm called Seton Securities that takes an innovative approach to meeting clients’ financial needs. Gotlieb knows a lot about stock markets, from junior mine finance to senior debt finance. While Gotlieb is enthusiastic about finance, he indulgences in many other interests on his free time. He nurtures his passions for travel, music and sports, not only to let off steam but also to broaden his mind and his experiences. Gotlieb’s travels have taken him all over the world. Having been born in Canada, Gotlieb appreciates the beauty of North America and has thus traveled around the continent. He has spent substantial time in Europe and has traveled to Asia and Africa as well. Gotlieb has loved music ever since he heard the works of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones at age six. As a child, he dreamed of being the front-man of a rock band. While this dream took a back seat after Jay got into finance, he has learned a bit of guitar and enjoys playing music on his free time. Jay also has a love of sports. He enjoys rooting for the teams of his hometown, especially the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Blue Jays, as well as any Canadian golfer playing in the PGA tour. Jay also watches tennis and loves Rafael Nadal. Jay plays tennis and golf and also enjoys skiing (that even includes water skiing!). Learn more at jaygotlieb.net.  

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Jay Gotlieb is a Canadian-born financial professional who currently serves as a director and large shareholder of IntellectSpace, a Seattle IT company. He is also the cofounder of Seton Securities, a Bahamian investment bank and wealth management firm. But while he is passionate about his financial career, he is a man of many interests.

Jay Gotlieb | Sports Lover

For years, sports have connected us to something bigger than ourselves. Supporting a club comes with a sense of community– a communal share of the joys of victory and the anguish of defeat. For Jay Gotlieb, he has cast his lots with the major clubs of his youth: the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dallas Cowboys, the Toronto Blue Jays, and naturally supports every other Toronto sports team. He’s also a huge fan of tennis and golf– in fact he does not only watch the sports, but Jay plays tennis almost every day and golfs as much as he can.

Jay Gotlieb | Music Lover

What kid doesn’t want to be a rockstar? Ever since he was exposed to the Beatles and the Rolling stones at the young age of 6, Jay Gotlieb dreamt of being a frontman for a rock band. However, like many of us, those dreams were put on hold as he pursued his career. Though he has had success in business, Jay never lost his love for music. He decided to purchase a guitar and learn some basic chords. After all, you only need to know three to put together a basic progression and please your family and friends!

Jay Gotlieb | Travel Lover

“The world is a book, and those that do not travel read only one page.” Whether for work or for leisure, Jay is committed to fulfilling his duties as a truly global citizen. As a Canadian citizen, he has traveled throughout the world. Jay is a long-time permanent resident of the Bahamas and is familiar with the Caribbean as well.

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